Vastu Shastra

VASTU ” refers to, “abode or mansion,” and ”SHASTRA” or Vidya means “Science or Knowledge.” House or dwelling place and its principles, establishes to create harmony between the five elements of the environment- ‘Panchmahabhutas’ (viz: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Space).”
Effects of “Panchmahabhutas” are seen because of “Satva”, “Raj” & “Tam” on human beings. Satva means Brain creativity, Raj means Body Activeness and Tam means Lethargy. It is essential that “Satva” increases, which is available in the North-East direction. Hence, if windows to the northeast direction are big in area, they will increase the Satva. Early morning sunlight has Vitamin D and UV rays which also increase the Satva Gun. Hence it is preferable to have the temple or study in this direction.
When the mind is not balanced, it affects our work and if the body is not balanced, it affects our physical well being. Hence, it is necessary to have a balanced mind and body too. “VASTU SHASTRA”, helps to balance all energies for our physical and mental wellbeing.”