About US

Purely technical window,” rooted in Indian origins, “Very Authentic” for complete, “Vastu solutions” , for scientifically scanning , analyzing , tapping or mapping Vastu related faults, occurring due to cosmic vibrations in a living space or its architecture, due to the wrong process of construction, in both old & new, ” – Man-made structures ”.

Unique, scientifically proven techniques & remedies, tugged from “rich Vedic & scientific resources”, and brewed in sharp blends of the divine,“ Vastu healing booties”, with flaws of ageless theories, “ very effective” and essential to penetrate, “the MAGICAL DOORS OF BLESSINGS“, for refining all the invisible negative energies surrounding us around and for attaining overall health, wealth and prosperity in human life.

“Vastu Expert” Shri. Jay Agarwal, also being a socio analyst, organic researcher, is one of the most successful emerging icons, in the Vastu domain. With years of experience & huge clientele, including celebrities from various fields, has unfathomable potentials, to transform any blank canvas into victory!
Whether his art and senses of intercepting & evaluating “Vastu dosha” related issues or way of sharing emotions with his clients, is exceptionally caring, and truly reflects his devotions, to deal each individual case, “closely”, with sincere efforts, satisfying all the clients.

Our Values and Vision

“We serve our clients with the world’s best technical guidance for Vastu, who are unfortunately craving since long for genuine advice, which can relax them from all their pains, and sufferings, and make them feel that they have finally, landed in positive vibes.”

  • We are Committed towards Excellence in our precise judgements.
  • Handling all issues “at par”, right from planning to execution.
  • Most affordable way for our valuable clients.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Services in all the segments.
  • Holistic success to every Client.
  • Timely completion of Projects and Profitability.

Our Thoughts

In this world,” , where everybody is running wild for materialistic gains, which in turn only ditch the life with , stress and anxiety”, so lets choose a meaningful route of living life.

Why life is beautiful at VASTU-Cafe?