Happiness is always in demand” , because it comes with loads of positive energy and “VASTU” plays a miracle role here, only when rules are followed accurately, to keep and preserve the positive flow of energies intact.

Why Vastu is so popular now?

Nowadays ,life has become hectic in this fast metro world and people are running underpressure,at the cost of ignoring environment. God wants us to use our efforts and resources as per certain laws of nature to succeed.So,he created “Vastu Shastra”. Vastu may not be considered in all the places by the people, due to lack of concerns. But, one thing we have to consider that Vastu is matter of peace in life. Everywhere in this world is full of buildings, apartments and if Vastu is not applied in the buildings ,proofs clearly indicates that there arise problems ,in health,marriage,career,growth and success in business and life . And behind every unfortunate problems Vastu fairly stands itself ,as remedies. There are no compromises, if a building is not applicable to Vastu and there are no external remedies that can be offered for a problematic accommodation. Remedies are not only matters to money. It is considered to be the solution for the people who believe in Vastu and nature.

Is Vastu and Astrology related?

Both are mutually inclusive and a parallel track. The concept is based on the destiny of the deserving soul being.

What is the deference between Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui?

Vastu Shastra is an India based Shastra which was made to town planning and any kind of use of land or structure needs to be followed with five element of universe to make structure long lasting and who lives in that will get eternal Peace, Prosperity & Happiness. No matter it’s for Residential or Commercial purpose. Wherein Feng Shui is China based Shastra which was for similar purpose but its based on mainly two elements i.e. Feng means Air and Shui means Water in Chinese. They do not emphasize on breaking structure but will have more remedial items to make your life easy.

Sir, Does Vastu applies for all your accommodations, irrespective of rental or owned ?

Yes, for sure. Forces and energies, good or bad are present everywhere around in this universe and influence accordingly.

What are the good times for consulting for Vastu?

Any time to avoid risks or serious mistakes !

Can you please visit our place personally, for analyzing our premise and prepare plan for construction ? We, do so after detailed inputs and study through discussions with clients ,as per the necessity of the case In the health of house ladies related with vastu? In the health of house ladies related with vastu? If yes, what’s the solution?

Each minute space , is meant for a specific purpose and any wrong occupation mainly leads to such issues. It is therefore, recommended everytime, better to plan your dream location thoroughly ,as per vastu compliance .

My industry has completing four long years , and after huge investments and efforts, I am not finding ways towards success or profits pls suggest ?

Kindly , send us your sketch ,if any , or take appointment for detailed discussion of your case.

Is “Vastu Shastra”applicable only to Hindus or a particular religion?

Absolutely not ! Nor is it a philosophy. Its natural science which brings Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

Which side one should face while praying to The God?

East or North.

Which side servant quarter is advised?


Which is best plant to have in garden?

Tulsi (Basil).


A lawyer cannot perform the role of a Doctor!

People, in general , subconsciously floating in a stupid self granted notion , that only being highly educated, may have gained them equal perfection to apply and experiment their hands and mind in each field, botherlessly without calculating serious risk factors and consequences and usually steps up taking blind decisions, ignoring priorites to consult a expert. Sorry ! It’s a wrong practice .
“This equation of dealing with your assets or property , is inviting bad spirits in form of negative energies and making life more stressful, where real happiness is unknowingly ” MISSING “ , a big way due to numerous technical faults or imbalance in planning and method of construction.
As a result , people are facing multiple problems in life, especially in Urban locations, ,where they are struggling consistently and are very far from, finding true mental peace, good health, attachment in relations among family members or between neighbours and society on account of behavioural differences, and suffer issues like marital discord, disputes in property matter including lack of necessary concentration in studies, loan debts, cash crunch etc.
Technical Alerts !
“Every inch and corner of your plot or built-up space & surroundings is required to be scrutinized throughly, assessed and evaluated at sharp parameters before planning and development”