Case Study

Out of the numerous cases we encountered, on this episode, we have selected one specific case from our archive which fetched huge government and media attention

WINNER of, 72 medals in 9 years, “Gohela Boro”, National level archer And GOLDMEDALIST, suffered from a rare disease “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus” Which compelled her to spend nearly about 2 lacs per month in AIIMS, Delhi for regular treatments, which had to an extent sponsored by Sports Ministry, Sri Rajvardhan Rathore after mass appeal

It was a really heartbreaking listening to her sad story from her own voice

We tried all our best with our suggestions and remedies we could, and hope, life will very soon gift a new smile to this glory of our nation.

Gohela Boro
National level archer And GOLD MEDALIST

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